Monday, January 16, 2012

Musical Monday Sly Cooper 2

I know I love JRPG's, but my FAVORITE game is Sly 2.  Everything just comes across as perfect.  Story is decent, it has some good twists, gameplay is fun, the characters have great interactions.  I could play it over and over and over....

So, here's the main theme!

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  1. I just played this only last year when the HD collection came out. I was more of a Jak & Daxter fan myself.

    I also just finished drafting my review for it for the end of year review 2011 over at my blog (check it out if you want! though uh, I don't have the most interesting post up at the moment) (and I didn't post the review of Sly 2 yet though). It really was a fun game.

    I'll have to listen to the soundtrack again and this clip you posted because I just don't remember the music very well.