Monday, January 9, 2012

Musical Monday - Bastion Setting Sail, Coming Home

In other news, playing Skyward Sword keeps you from writing blog posts. Sorry for there being no post yesterday.

In yet other news, I REALLY should play this game. 


  1. Happy New Year!

    And yes, I'm in the same position. I want to finish "Skyward Sword" before I post my End of Year Reviews for 2011. I think I see light at the end of the tunnel, though.

    How are you liking it so far?

    And double yes, I want to play Bastion too. I'm hoping it comes to the PSN.

    1. Thanks! You too!

      I'm nearing the end, I know it. But it's always "just one more item" kinda deal. Only 5 gratitude crystals left though! After that I can work on all the goddess cubes.

      I LOVE IT!

      I don't know much about it, but I keep on hearing rave reviews. I want to give it a try at least, and I don't know if my PC can handle it.

    2. I'm rather enjoying the game too. There have truly been some "wow" moments along the way. I think I'm about 10 gratitude crystals away from completion. Ah, it's been a fun journey.

      I look forward to your in-depth analysis of the game once you have finished it if you do a post.

      Same here - I'm going based on the positive reviews I've heard but I've stayed far from actually reading up anything on Bastion. Let me know if you ever take the dive if your PC allows it. I'd be very interested on your thoughts!

    3. Well, I know how to get the last five... but to actually do it? ugh... And I do think it looks and feels great, but sometimes the Wiimote isn't as accurate as I want and Fi's singing animation is just... ugh.

      I'll probably do something. I also just suck it up and do Edgeworth, just note I'm missing a game of development.

      I may just do a long play... but I'd rather play it.

      What about you? Anything you want to dive into?

  2. OMG! I know! Fi's singing animation is really, beyond awful. It's cringe worthy!

    After I finish Zelda...not sure what the plan is. I have to finish "Catherine" at some point but I'm stuck at Night 6. On Normal. Is that embarrassing? Haha.

    I'm playing Professor Layton and the Last Spectre right now and was thinking I needed to play Dragon Quest VI after that. But to start another long rpg campaign right now is not really appealing to me at the moment... maybe Mario 3D Land? Decisions, decisions...

    1. Which is frustrating since her dancing is amazing but... her singing is just LACKING.

      I wouldn't know, I haven't played it. (shrug) house rules say no M games and no Shooters. I can do them if my siblings don't watch which kinda restrics when I can play them... and I'm broke so I'm not buying games anyway. Catherine is one I want to play though. Which ending are you going for?

      Last Spectre is great. I haven't played Dragon Quest yet (I really should get on that)

      I'm trying to play Devil Survivor. But...well... I beat this really hard semi optional battle, story continued, then I got to a boss battle. I quit there and didn't pick it up for months. I finally do and I press continue (rather then load) since I remembered I was in that battle. The continue save was for a battle BEFORE that hard battle... and I already saved after that battle so I couldn't load the boss battle save. UGH! (It's a good game though, so try that maybe?)

      And thank you for commenting. I really appreciate it.

    2. Sometimes when Link plays the harp, the animation is also cringe worthy.

      Sorry about the house rules but makes sense depending on how old your siblings are (and I assume they're pretty young then).

      As for Catherine, I've been trying to answer honestly which I think is leading me to end up with Katherine but quite frankly, I don't know who is worse. They're both awful! Not likeable in anyway, those two.

      I don't have Overclocked but I did play the DS Devil Survivor. I think things were going well for me until near the end. Fun but yeah I feel your pain.

      No problem on the commenting - keep on writing! It's good stuff.

    3. Yeah, but it's not as bad as that mouth flapping.

      Well, reasonably. I can play it if no one else is around (or on my portable) but I don't have enough time...

      I got that feeling in the previews. It's still is an interesting concept though. Sort of like a reverse dating sim?

      I don't have Overclocked either. I simply have not beaten the original one yet. I'm on Day 3 (sigh)

      Thanks! I'm really glad you like it!