Friday, January 20, 2012

Level Design - Sonic Unleashed

Sonic Unleashed had it's issues.  I will not deny it.  But, at heart, it was a fun and legitimately challenging game.  Like this level. You would think that this level is easy.  That it's just following the lines.

It's not.  It is NOT. 

Which is why it's great.  You almost never fail so badly, you just can't keep up speed on the water, or you miss a jump or something. There's no bottomless pits, the water is a fantastic curveball,  and there are so few enemies that you are tempted to beat them instead of ignore them.  And then there's the freefall segments...

This was the first Sonic I played, so while some of these may be old hat to some of my other readers it was new to me.  Unfortunately, my copy (well, more my baby brother's copy.  He only wanted me to play the game and he wanted me to play it all the time)  broke recently so an 'S' rank is always beyond me. It's too bad, I thought I could do it if I had one more try... or one more after that... or one more after that....

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