Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Street Fighter X Tekken Trailers

I really like these trailers since it not only sets up the plot (sorta) but also sets up the feel of the world (BTW, Sorry about Juri's odd face)  We can tell that the Tekken and the Street Fighter don't like each other.  And, more importantly, The Tekken side started off winning but now it's more evenly matched.  The rivalry is heating up and the story is coming together. 

What's even nicer is there are funny ones in all of this.  The most recent M.Bison/Juri and Jin/Xiao are serious, but the Rufus/Zangreif and Bob/Julia is rather silly.  The Poison/Hugo, Cody/Guy and King/Marduk straddles all of them. 

I wish more companies did more trailers like this.  Not much on plot, not much on gameplay, (and we know it) but it looks AMAZING and it gets everyone excited!

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