Saturday, January 14, 2012

Character analysis - Jade

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Anyway, Jade. Jade is from Beyond Good and Evil (Spoilers below) 

She looks fairly normal (other then the green)  Her job is somewhat normal (she takes care of orphaned children and is a freelance photographer.  The game takes place in wartime, so orphaned children can be expected) When we meet Jade (the game does not open up on her, but she appears in a few minutes)  she is meditating with a goat like child.  Soon after, Aliens attack and she tries to run to the house to engage the shield.  She makes it to the house, but she doesn't have enough money for electricity so she has to defend her house and her wards.  These four things give us a good idea on what she is like.  1) She's peaceful (or at least tries to be)  2) she's cares for other people  3) She's broke 4) she can fight.  Two and Three together tells us that she probably spends her money on items for the house and kids rather then herself. 

The rest of the game is spent tracking down the Aliens responsible for attacking their planet and tying them to the people who are supposed to protect their planet.  While tracking down mysteries and animals (she's a photographer and right now she is cataloging animals for pay)  she keeps on getting... flashes.  It's either memories or telepathy, but the voice keeps on calling someone "Shauni".  Jade then uses that term as her code name.  The voice tells her to surrender to the invaders.  She refuses. The children she was watching  get taken, her father figure gets captured, but she keeps on trucking.  She works her way into secret base, rescues everyone she can find, and discovers something: She is Shauni.  She is what the aliens were searching for.  She is magic.  Magic hasn't been brought up in the world of Beyond Good and Evil, it's all implied science. She is someone who is BEYOND it.  She is implied to be a force, something that could be beyond good and evil.

But she isn't.  She makes an honest wage, she has friends, she takes care of children, she has adopted family, she risks her life for the truth and she would prefer to be non violent.    She wants to stop the invasion by people realizing what is going on, not by forcing them to an answer.

She could awaken limitless power, but she doesn't.  She'd rather stay as a poor, honest, caring, peaceful woman then do anything else.

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