Saturday, January 21, 2012

I can't think of anything today

Have some music!
This is for the fan fighting game "Fighting is Magic" Basically, someone is programming a game that involves the My Little Pony characters fighting eachother similar to Street Fighter.  It actually doesn't look that bad. 

It's in Pre Alpha now, but they are recording voices and they just released a long explanation on how they are making the sprites.  It's a good read:
Read it here.

And finally, yes, I am a Brony.  (Or pegasister.)


  1. I have never watched this show. When is it on and what channel? Maybe I'll try to check it out one day.

    1. It's on The Hub on Saturdays at 10EST. If you don't get the hub, you can find it on iTunes or youtube. (And they don't mind people watching it on Youtube. It's popularity exploded because people found it on youtube. They just ask you don't use the iTunes files when uploading) And please do. It's actually a REALLY good show.

  2. Thanks for the info! I'll try to catch a couple of episodes this week.