Monday, November 28, 2011

Musical Monday - Lugi's Mansion

Luigi's mansion is one of the semi overlooked games in the Mario series.  It was a debut game for the Gamecube (as Super Mario Sunshine was not ready to go yet).

The story was about how Luigi had won a mansion and when he went to claim it, he instead found a haunted mansion that had just shown up one day with ghosts inside.  And then he finds out that his brother had gone inside... and never came out.  So, Luigi goes in to rescue his brother and, if possible, claim his mansion.

What makes this game notable is this really expanded several parts of Luigi's personality.  He became less of a "Palette swap" of Mario and more of his own person.  While I can do a character analysis on him, I'll save it for another day and just mention one thing.

Luigi is TERRIFIED of ghosts.  This is part of the character's model, his actions, and why Luigi is heard in the song.  He sings along with it in order to keep from getting too scared.  It's rather a nice touch, and really contributes to the background.  When the room is still haunted, Luigi frighteningly hums it.  When the room is clear, he whistles. 

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