Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Deleted Content - Kingdom Hearts part 1

Hey? Isn't this Kingdom Hearts, the Disney/Square Enix mashup? I've never seen THIS world before.... What is it?

It's the Jungle Book. And, yes, those are fully functional models of Terra, Ven, and Aqua. As you can see, Jungle Book was fairly late in development when it got scrapped. Why?

Well, we don't know. But I do have a guess.

Did you ever watch Talespin?

By the time Talespin was created, Louie Prima (note, I originally put in Louie Armstrong, but it appears I was wrong. My apologies)(King Louie's Original Voice Actor) had died. So, Disney hired a very good voice actor named Jim Cummings (He's also Pooh, Tigger, Ray, Don Karnage, Darkwing Duck, NegaDuck...) Jim Cummings has a skill in imitation so he imitated Louie Prima's performance.

Apparently he did it too well and Disney was sued by Louie Prima's widow for breech of contract. Since then, King Louie either does not speak or his cousin "Larry" shows up instead.

Now, look at the only perfectly complete room in the video. Apparently Terra was to interact with... King Louie.

My idea is that they started to program this world (and got very far!) by the time the legal issues with King Louie were made known. They were too far along with the project so they dummied out the world instead of reworking it. All hope is not lost though! Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance is confirmed to consist of worlds that were highly considered for the other games. With the world partly built, we can assume that DDD is considering Jungle Book as well.


  1. I remember being into the first KH and getting really far into it before something came up and I stopped playing. A few years later I bought KHII and remembered that I hadn't finished KH1 so I went back to it... and made it even less far than before.

    Nice post and good luck on the blog.

    P.S. I also love the Sly Cooper games :)

  2. I feel bad for Jim on his performance. Yes sounds like Mr.Armstrong but that's the point. His Widower didn't need to sue. Hopefully KH3D will have his world.

  3. I didn't remember Louis Armstrong being the voice of King Louie. I'm not the biggest Satchmo fan but I figured I would have remembered that.
    So I checked IMDB. It states Louis Prima was the voice of King Louie. That makes more sense to me, especially remembering the film of the band playing and walking around, which they incorporated into the animation.
    So maybe there was a legal dispute but the names are wrong. But that would be interesting if that is why the apparent fully designed level is missing. Though Tale Spin was an early 90's show. If there was legal trouble from the 90's that was unresolved, it seems like they wouldn't have taken the chance with designing any of it.