Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Character Design - Nier

Yep, those are the same characters.  (note, I have played part of Western NieR and none of Easter NieR)

When the game "NieR" was being developed, Cavalia (who made the game) developed the top 'Bishōnen" Nier.  He's designed to be very pretty, and has a brother relationship with the character Yonah. (since they are, in fact, siblings)  During this development, they looked into a western release and Cavalia noticed that Wester gamers prefer "Space Marine" type characters.  So, they made two different versions of the game.  One version with the "Bishie" Nier and the other with the "Space Marine" Nier (who is Yonah's father). 

As these two are apparently slightly different, different effects went into their clothes.  Father Nier is much more blunt, so his clothes are slightly more practical.  Slightly.  It at least isn't overly ornamented, something that fits with a poor widower who is doing odd jobs to pay for his daughter's medicine.It also shows off the scars he's gathered, showing he's lived a hard life.  (And that tattoo, which I don't really understand)

Brother NieR apparently worked as a prostitute to pay the bills (among other odd jobs)  so he's more covered up since he doesn't like to be touched.

I will say, though, I do like how certain elements of each costume are linked.  Both have odd sleeves, both have something clothlike wrapped around their waist, both have something crossing their chest, and both are, at heart, Nier.

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