Sunday, November 13, 2011

Your Worst Fear

I'm sorry for the late/distracted post today. Busy day! Anyway...

Arkham Asylum spoilers.

What is your worst fear? This video is a good answer for what is Batman's worst fear.

The tables being turned. He goes crazy and the inmates are running the asylum. We've seen Scarecrow's fear gas before in Arkham Asylum, but this is the most powerful dose and it's set up in a unique way.

A Gameplay glitch. The fear of a Gamer, a glitch that resets your progress.

Once we get past your fear, we see Batman's. We see him lose control. He's always been scared of that, of being unable to control who he has become.

In a why, that's partly why the game is so good. We really are Batman here. We understand his fears and we are limited by his lack of powers. It's part of the game's power.

And with this scene, we understand his fear. It's partly a fear of death, but the idea of utterly failing too. "Joker" has become the hero. He runs the game, the town.

He beats it though, in a way that's totally Batman. He keeps his cool and simply fights back against the universe. He throws off Scarecrow in order to show something.

HE runs the show, not the villains.

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  1. My worst fear? Needles taking out all my blood. Seeing my friends burn in hell, Getting stabbed in the eye.