Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Character Design - Isaac Clarke (Dead Space)

Isaac Clarke is from the game "Dead Space" and "Dead Space 2" (And possibly 3, if the rumors are true)  I have yet to play the game so I'm focusing on his costume, which is a shame.  He is actually quite an interesting character.

Anyway, meet Isaac Clarke, engineer.  What marks him as different in the world of video game heroes clothes is... practicality. (Well, other then health being on the back)  As he is in a sci-fi game, he has to go out in space a lot.  As a result, his suit is a full space suit, complete with helmet.  As he will go into dangerous places in order to fix things, his suit is heavily armored to protect against random objects.  The suits many straps and clips provide protection against suffocation if one strap of the suit opened in space, the others have a large chance of keeping Isaac safe. His helmet glows, in order to give light to the space around him. In keeping with his lack of wealth, his armor is beat up since he does not have the time or money to repair it. 

Unfortunately, I can't say much more.    I honestly haven't played the game or seen a walkthrough.  While I know enough for this, more detail is, unfortunately, beyond me. Hopefully I can watch or play the games, and I can go into more detail later.

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