Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Hey there! My name is madammina (Just call me Mina) and I'm starting a video game blog. Some things to know about me:

My favorite character is Cyan Garamonde from Final Fantasy VI.
My favorite game is Sly 2.
My favorite genre is JRPG (but I also like Action/Adventure)
I play for story and character development.
I ADORE Video Game Soundtracks.

I won't treat my readers as idiots. I do want to have discussions, analysis, and to talk about much more then the latest release.

I hope to see you around!


  1. Hey!

    I found you on Kotaku and have been reading your posts for a while there (I'm one of those not signed up to comment, always reading sort of readers on there).

    I saw today you started a blog and I wanted to check it out. I will keep following! Looks interesting. Will do a proper follow up comment at another time but I am on my lunch break at work and I feel as though the eyes are on me...

    Can't wait to see how your blog progresses!

  2. Hey Mina. Thanks for the link! I hope to have fun with your blog.