Friday, November 18, 2011

Character Design - Hershel Layton

Professor Layton is a gentleman.  No, really, that and puzzles are his defining characteristics. How can we tell he's a gentleman?  Because of that hat.  As soon as Layton appears wearing that hat, we know he is someone incredibly polite.  No one really wears top hats anymore, but as he's seen driving a car in his intro too, we know he's not behind the times, he just likes wearing that hat.

 After this, we see the rest of his clothes are rather common.  Orange shirt, brown suit, he does not like to dress up, so the hat must be something special for him. 

Except for the hat, he seems like a common man.  He is, in actuality, a very kind archaeology professor so much of his outfit makes sense when you realize that he A) probably doesn't have alot of money and B) would need something to hide dust and dirt.  It really all goes back to the hat for him though.  That wonderful hat that immediately projects that this is a very good, very kind, very polite man who happens to spend his days solving puzzles and unraveling conspiracies to hurt other people. 

Unfortunately, I am rather busy today, so I'll leave you with something that sold me on the 3DS.

Ace Attorney Vs Professor Layton.

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  1. When I found out the history of the hat in Unwound Future and that moment when he took it off... I got teary, I'll admit.

    Incidentally, just today I started Phoenix Wright having jumped on the Ace Attorney series bandwagon late. Not bad so far. I enjoyed "Ghost Trick" a lot and think I will enjoy this one too.