Friday, April 19, 2013

Why I love the character, Hershel Layton (Spoilers)

Hershel Layton is designed to be the perfect gentleman. This man is quiet, polite, respectful of everyone (especially ladies) and much prefers to use his brain to solve problems instead of his (canonically considerable) brawn.  His main job is an archaeology professor.  But at the slightest hint of his friends being in trouble or just something being dramatically impolite, Layton will drop what he can to help out.

And this is on top of his crappy backstory.  He thinks his best friend dies and it's his fault, the love of his life dies in his arms (and after that finds her in the future were he solves one more case with her and then she goes back to die)  He has someone chasing him for unknown reasons, Luke has to leave, and Emmy DOES NOT APPEAR in the chronologically later series.

And you know what?  This guy keeps on smiling, keeps on trucking, saves the world/city on a repeated basis, and rarely raises his voice.

He's a huge breath of fresh air.

We live in a world where some of our greatest Video Game heroes are testosterone fueled anti heroes full of piss and vigor.  They fight to get what they want, consider diplomacy a waste, and to save the world leave behind a swath of bodies.

This isn't Layton.  We KNOW Layton's an excellent fencer, but the few times we've seen him use it, it's to save his life and others without hurting the person attacking him.  He listens to everyone's problems and tries to solve them.
And through it, he's made some lasting changes.  He's saved villages (And the city of London), he's rescued people not only from others but from their own hate.  He's taken care of people who people have ignored. And, in turn, he asks for nothing.  When the day is over, he thanks the people, goes home, and drinks some tea.

We need Layton.  We need gentleman like this.We need characters who (if they were real) would sit down next to you, to let you cry into their shoulders, and as they console you, they help you up.  They do not judge, they only listen and help.  Someone who doesn't consider manners a weakness, instead the ability to care for everyone is a strength.  A game where you have a loving teacher, not an angry sociopath.  A character who's every celebration is for you as you rejoice in solving each brainteaser and when you fail they only offer help, but always just enough so you can solve the main part by yourself.

We need more Laytons.

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