Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Today's post: Upcoming plans

A job, a cold, and Bioshock Infinite have kept me from doing a proper post today, but no worries!

Here are my upcoming plans.  This will take place over time.

1)  Finish Bioshock Infinite.  At the very least before I deliberately spoil myself.  (Hooray Red Box! And Adorable Elizabeth!)

2)  Buy Silent Hill off of the PSN.  Survival Horror isn't my genre, but I'll give it a try and then I have something new and interesting to talk about!

3) If that works, buy Resident Evil off of the PSN.  (same as above)

4) Get Metal Gear Solid anyway (Yes, I will have many things to talk about)

5)  Get... quite a few games from the 3DS Virtual Console.  I know I have some "Wiiware" games, some Kirby, some Legend of Zelda, and a few others on my wish list.

6) at some point, get more 3DS proper games. 

So, with that (and a job to actually do it!) set up, I hope to be able to talk more in the upcoming months.  I also need to actually beat FF7 (Stupid Sephiroth saving glitch), Legend of Zelda spirit tracks (I'm having trouble in the final train section)  Final Fantasy 4 (Yeah, this one is my fault, I think.)  And a few others.  So, I have stuff lined up, mostly.

In the mean time, here is some OCremix from Silent Hill.

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