Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Exactly How Phoenix Wright worked in Marvel Vs Capcom 3

Phoenix Wright is from the visual novel series "Ace Attorney".  The most Phoenix has done in those games is a few errant punches, getting knocked out, breaking down an ancient and strong door, and falling from a burning bridge into a river that routinely kills people but he only emerges with a cold.

So, how does he work in a fighting game?

Well, they treat it like a court case.  At least for him. Phoenix searches for evidence, he talks his opponent to death, and can convict Galactus himself!  (As proving his client innocent in game means proving someone else guilty, it works for a defense lawyer.)

The end result is a very unique take.  It fits into the world, and it still marks Phoenix as not quite in sync. After all, in his world, battles are fought in court.

And they are AMAZING.

But, well, the other games aren't as legally focused.  The Marvel universe has a lot of fighting.  Ryu's from a fighting game, and then we have Zero who is a bounty hunter.  Oh, and Rocket Raccoon.
I'm not going to explain.

So, with the Capcom people being clever, and not using Franziska Von Karma (who uses a whip), they somehow made legal fighting work.  They use evidence to shatter the opponents Psyche and therefor win.

And, that, after all, is kind of what Ace Attorney is about.

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