Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Feminism and Lego Marvel Super Heroes

So I just found this trailer today (which is why the post is late) and I AM looking forward to the game,  But, well, I have a problem.

There are a total of seven characters shown in the trailer.  Hulk, Iron Man, Spider-man, Sandman, Abomination, Fury, and Coulson (Who does not sound like Clark Gregg, which is odd)

And there are no girls in it. 

Maria Hill could have taken Coulson's role there (Possibly, Sharon Carter is another.)  Spider-man may have  more of a mainstream draw then Jessie/Spider-woman but she could have shown up.  Pepper has the alternate identity as "Rescue" And she focuses on clean up and saving random citizens, why couldn't she be in the background?  (Please note that when she got her armor, she insisted on no weapons of any sort.  So, I understand why she's not in a pure "Gameplay" trailer.) And no hints of Amora watching?  Then there's Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers who currently has her own run on the comics, is leading the Avengers, and has gotten praise from everyone for her story, the writing, her character, and her costume.  Not to mention Black Widow was one of the first characters announced. 
I know Wolverine, Thor, and Deadpool didn't show up either, but the Marvel Comics do have a lot of popular female heroes.  Why couldn't any show up?

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