Thursday, April 25, 2013

Deleted Content: Dissidia (Playable Cosmos and Aerith)

So, as time goes by for Final Fantasy's first real fighting game, people start looking into the code.  And, when you look into the code, you can find some interesting things.

Like Cosmos was going to be playable.

While there is no playable model, or even text, three in game portraits are assigned to her.  If they are ever summoned, they appear as darkened Zidane portraits, but the coding indicates the are actually Cosmos'.

And in the second game, Aerith has slightly more coding than you would expect.  She has outfit and weapon data and you can hack her to appear in quick battle, but the game will crash once the battle loads.   Admittedly, this may be necessary for her to be an assist, but it is interesting...

Who would you like to have seen in Dissidia? 

((I would like to have seen Final Fantasy VI's Cyan.))

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