Monday, February 4, 2013

Musical Monday- Maria and Draco (Distant World version)

For the early Final Fantasies, what they lacked in processing power they made up in creativity and silliness.

For example, in the middle of Final Fantsay VI you have to act in a full 12 minutes opera on  the SNES until a purple octopus tries to get revenge by dropping an anvil on you.

No, I'm not joking.

As it was on the SNES, it was revolutionary and amazing for the time, but everyone has at least some idea what an opera should sound like, so there was always the knowledge that - as amazing as this scene is- it fell flat. 

Several years ago, Nobou Uemetsu started a traveling orchestra. He recomposed the songs so they could be played with a full orchestra and we could finally get a sense of what he was trying to make all those years ago.

"Maria and Draco" is ripe for that kind of remake.  It had a few lines added to finish up the opera (in the original version, all the actors are knocked out and Locke adlibs until Setzer interrupts the performance) and we get a beautiful, operatic, video game music and how it should have been played all those years ago. 

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