Friday, February 15, 2013

Warhammer 40K, Space Marines, and everything inbetween

Ah, Space marines.  What would the Sci Fi genre be without you.

Well, Warhammer 40K wants to find out!

Warhammer 40K recently filed a motion to say that they have copywrited the term "Space Marine"  which has massive ramifications for the Science Fiction universe, IF it goes through. They tried to take down a book called "Spots the Space Marine" and had the e-book version removed from Amazon, It has since been returned

A space marine is a staple of the Sci Fi Genre.  They are highly qualified military units who work on planets.  They've been around since at least the 1930's.

However, Warhammer 40K is claiming they own at the very least the word.The word in question has been in existence since at least the 1930's with the story "Captain Brink of the Space Marine."  and it's become a generalized term throughout time, which exempts it from copyright.

On the other hand, Warhammer 40K DOES own a copyright, but it's only for the pieces and other times related to how to play Warhammer 40K  Not for the generic term itself.

IF Warhammer believed that "Spots the Space Marine" was used as an infringement they are perfectly valid in their attempt to go after it.

However, it does not seem to be the case. 

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