Monday, February 11, 2013

Musical Monday: I Want You Gone

Going over my musical monday posts, I realized I had NEVER put on a Portal song.

That has now changed.

Why did I pick this one over Still Alive?

Because when Johnathan Coultrain wrote "Still Alive" he didn't realize exactly how well Ellen McClain could sing.

As in: this is her singing Opera
(Okay, fine, modulated since it's the turrets singing it, but it's still her voice!)

When Portal 2 came around and he was hired again, he used this knowledge to write both Cara Mia and I Want You Gone.   He made them more challenging and complex in order to fit her skills as a singer.

Okay, fine... here's Still Alive

edit: Excuse the delay.  The queue did not work as I had hoped.

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