Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Bechdel Test

The Bechdel Test is really more of a guideline, but it is quite important.    The rules are exactly as stated.  There are some alterations (some rules require the women to be named.  Others refuse men to be mentioned even in the abstract)  but as guidelines they are vital.

Why am I saying guidelines?  Because Lesbian porn automatically qualifies and (keeping with the movie theme) Movies that take place in World War II men's prison camps do not.  For example, Stahlag 17.  A BRILLIANT movie about a captured American soldier who is trying to find the German spy in his bunk area.  While Women appear, it is for a few comedy routines and are seen through a telescope. 

While games are a bit MORE likely to fit in the rules, it is still a bit hard to accomplish.

Final Fantasies?  Generally they accomplish it.  There are traditionally 3 female characters and with the saving of the world being something on the forefront of people's minds, they talk about getting it done. The most obvious examples are Fang and Vanille talking, since they talk a lot.  InFamous 2 has Kuo and Nix, and while they often talk about Cole, the also discuss powers and how to react to situations.  And when Shanoa takes the lead with Castlevania, she talks to all sorts of people about many different things, Dracula and her brother being just two options.

But, that's just three options.  Sly Cooper?  Nothing.  There's only one main Female Character (Carmelita Fox) and she's not playable until this game.  As it stands now, I don't know if she will talk to any of the female characters and - while she is quite devoted to the law- her arc also revolves around Sly Cooper himself. 

Kingdom Hearts 2 does have Selphie and Kairi talk to eachother briefly, but they only talk about Sora and Riku.  All other female characters do not cross paths with eachother, or if they do, they don't talk to eachother.

While Peach has her own Arcs in the Mario RPG series, independent of Mario and the other male characters, she generally does not talk to other female characters. 

This will need more research, but the next time you play, keep an eye out for this.  The standards are low, but how many pass does say a lot. 

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  1. KH2 passes the Bechdel test. Minnie and Maleficent talk about something other than a man when they first meet in Disney Castle.