Monday, February 20, 2012

Musical Monday - No More Heroes 2 (Philisitine)

I have no idea why I like this song so much.  The singer is crude and talking about how she murders people.  REALLY not what I like.

And I just have to sing along whenever I hear it. 


  1. Same here. It's such a violent song that's utterly ridiculous but so catchy. It's embarrassing I like it, honestly yet I love it so much. It just fit so well in the craziness of this game though that it works well, helping to solidify the entire portrayal of the (awesome) madness that was No More Heroes.

    1. I haven't played it. I don't really like M games (Yet I love Bioshock and NieR, go figure. And those are particularly depressing too) and I didn't really like the theme of assassinations and so on. Really not my thing.

      But this darn song is just so much fun! (Also pokes Quinton Flynn)

    2. I'm not big on shooters or hack and slash games (didn't particularly care for the God of War series although I bought on the recommendation of two friends and decided to give it an honest try). I like RPGs mostly so I was surprised when I played No More Heroes that I loved it so much. It's incredibly over the top violent and ridiculous but there's something about that stupid humour and Travis Touchdown that made me love the game so much. It was very stylish in a weird way.

      I have not played Bioshock and Nier is sitting in my cupboard waiting to be played. I'm still trying to get through Beyond Good and Evil HD though.

    3. Yeah, RPGs! (high five!) I like Action/Adventure too. And visual novels. And I guess it could be called Hack and Slash. (Well, stuff like Ratchet and Clank and so on) I might try it later if you liked it so much, but it would have to be after I move out or something. I should probably rent it though. If I get creeped out over defeating the mooks in Sly Cooper I don't think I'll deal well with No More Heroes, no matter the cheesiness and bizarreness.

      I need to beat that too. Fortunately I'm on the final boss! I just haven't touched it in a while. And Nier, honest to goodness, is just so depressing and so cathartic. Plus Weiss has some of the best lines. Weiss + Nier is even better. Weiss + Nier +Kaine? I've spent so much time listening to them talk. No gameplay, no plot, just their conversations as they go through the world. (Granted, this is on youtube so it's sort of limited) But whoever did the localization and translation for those three was fantastic.

  2. ::High Five!::

    I'm currently playing Tales of the Abyss 3DS, which let me tell you, had me running all over town trying to find a copy. It was sold out online, and Nintendo World didn't have it and the guy working there gave me a "uuhhhh, should have pre-ordered it" lecture. And this a mere week after it was released! Why do they insist on releasing things in limited quantities? Makes me wonder if I need to pre-order Tales of Graces F.

    I like action/adventure too...platformers, my Uncharted series (the last one mostly due to the fact that it's Naughty Dog.)

    Since I had heard good things about No More Heroes, I put it on my wishlist and at $17 someone bought it for me for a birthday. I popped it in over a long weekend and was hooked. But really, if you don't like violent, this is as violent as it comes. There's also a lot of cursing. A rental might be best but I wouldn't be surprised if you hated it.

    Now you're making me want to play Nier just based on the character conversations. I'll reserve judgment for story until I get to playing. However, I think after I try to motivate myself to finish Beyond Good and Evil I'll start playing Valkyrie Chronicles.

    1. I HATE it when that happens! I heard that a lot of people were having trouble trying to find it though. But Nintendo World should keep a few copies on stand by.

      Platformers are either fun or frustrating. No exceptions. Same with puzzle games. If you want to feel stupid, play Portal or Prof. Layton. If you want to feel brilliant, play Portal or Prof. Layton.

      Thanks. I have a feeling I will. I love Bioshock, but that's more for the atmosphere and (back)story then the actual violence. I almost threw up after watching the Big Reveal.

      I put a few up for today's post. Check it out! They are non spoilery. Oooh, Valkyrie Chronicles. I've wanted to play that one! I just haven't found it yet or anything... I've found 2 as a PSP game, but since I hadn't played 1 I was afraid of being too lost.

    2. Tell me about it! I see Amazon only just took off their "Temporarily out of stock" and have now changed the status of Tales of the Abyss to 1 to 3 weeks shipping. Psh, if that even happens.

      I stopped gaming for a while there and was never too big on hand-held gaming - missing the early DS days and GBA. So now that I've picked up gaming and more so on handhelds because it's just more convenient for me to do so, I completely missed some great games on the DS which has me struggling to find copies of games. For instance, I only played Phoenix Wright for the first time the other day and I have not played other installments. The second two are really expensive! I know they're supposed to be coming out for the iphone/ipad (neither things I own) but there's just something about a physical copy of a game that I love. I like looking at physical collections I guess.

      Oh, that's another one they will hopefully bring over here - Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright! I love the Prof. Layton series and I know all too well about feeling stupid. Haha. I'll have to pick up Portal some time. Haven't done that yet either.

      I bought VC on Amazon when it was on sale one day. Think it's relatively cheap on there still. I got 2 the same way. Looking forward to playing them. I will let you know once I do.

    3. I would buy it but 1) no money 2) no 3DS and 3)I have my hands full with the games I have now.

      I like physical copies too. This way they can't really take it away and I can look and hold it whenever I want, no internet required. Anyway, have you played The World Ends With You? If you haven't you MUST. It is a fantastic game, easily my favorite DS game.

      I really hope they do. There was some hinting a while ago, but I haven't heard anything since then. That was the game that sold me on the 3DS. But the game doesn't even have a Japanese release date. It'll be a while before we hear anything about over here. They should though. Layton sells well and Phoenix got into UMVC3 purely on fan demand. Plus his games may have a lower run but they always sell out. I hope the companies know that it should sell reasonably well here.

      Thanks. I should probably check out Amazon.

  3. I am thinking I have to replay The World Ends With You. I did play it in 2008 but only remember kinda flailing at the combat system. I managed to finish it though and do recall liking Joshua a lot.

    Otherwise, you could ask me what the heck the game was about and I'd barely be able to tell you. Well, that's more on the account of my very poor memory these days not that I didn't enjoy the game.

    I think I need to drink more water and get more uninterrupted sleep.

    1. Oh, you really have to. The game was brilliant. And, yes, drink more water and get more sleep.