Friday, February 17, 2012

Atlus is an awesome troll

Last night, Atlus sent an e-mail out.  It was titled "_____"  and the only thing in the e-mail was the picture on the left.  Someone did some contrast manipulating and we ended up with the image on the right.

Yeah, we have no idea what it means. Some people are speculating that it's for the Persona 4 fighting game (Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena ) but there is no proof at this point.  This speculation is based on the fact Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena is one of Atlus' most recent releases and because the shattering in the logo matches up to the adjusted image in the e-mail.
(Sorry, I couldn't find an English subbed version)

That being said, Atlus lives for announcements like this.  A significant chunk of their announcements are trollish.

Take, for example, Catherine.  Catherine was released in Japan, did astonishingly well, and then Atlus announced it was not coming to the West.  Immediately after they made that announcement, they released this picture:
A short time later, they announced a Western release.

 And then there's when they announced Persona 2 for the PSP. It was a remake. Atlus released the original on June 24th, 1999.
Yes, they made an entire mock e-mail just so they could write about how there were no games releasing this week at the top... and mock Phantom Menace... and pretty much everything else from the turn of the century.

So, the end result of all of this is Atlus has some great e-mails. They can be frustrating, but in the end not only does it reveal more then we think but it can be quite fun.

... even if they have admitted to feasting on the tears of the fans.

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