Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Playstation Exclusive Characters in Street Fighter X Tekken

And then Megaman and Pacman sort of came out of nowhere.  While Capcom showed their sprites at the end of the first trailer, it was assumed this was more of a "Company" thing then any real teaser.  Cole had been announced around when the game was announced and the two cats recently won a poll in Japan.

So, why aren't there any Xbox characters?  It turns out that the developers simply ran out of time.  They were talking with Microsoft but "Differences in timing" kept them from picking a character.  Some of the options on the table were Marcus Fenix and Master Chief. 

(By the way: The reason why it's Box Art Megaman is because Capcom asked the main people involved with Megaman, Keiji Inafune, which Megaman he wanted for the game.  He suggested Box Art Megaman) 

Which Xbox  characters would you want to see in the game?  (Alan Wake anyone? Anyone?  I guess that's a no.)  Do you think they still have a chance as DLC? 

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