Thursday, February 2, 2012

Deleted Content - Sly 2

It is prfoundly frustrating when you KNOW you have seen video of deleted content, but you can not find it.

Anyway, Sly 2 had deleted content.  For a while, there was to be a level that took place in Monaco.  At one point Bentley would have rammed a dock with a ship.

From what I remember, everything (except the PC character model and a few guards) was in the "Grayscale" stage. (It was just the basic buildings, nothing was colored or textured)   The area was very open and was not textured.  There were guards from interpol around.  There was some sort of director commentary over the stage too.  I think one of the guards was a cat of some sort.  There was a guardhouse on the docks. 

I really wish I could show it too you.  I wonder what would have happened in that level and why it was cut.  Any ideas?

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