Friday, May 10, 2013

Square Enix and it's international releases.

Square Enix has this annoying habit of releasing a game for Japan, updating it for it's US release (Fixing glitches, adding bosses) then rereleasing it AGAIN in Japan as a "Final Mix" with an even more updated, and canon, bonuses.

For example:
When Kingdom Hearts 1 was released in the US, it added a few cut scenes and bosses to the US version, such as Sephiroth and Kurt Zisa.    When the FM version was released in Japan, it added in a Xemnas boss fight. 

((The user has dubbed in English lines from else in the series to provide a rough translation.))

That's great, you may say, but why should I care?

Well, those scene made it into the KH2 flashback openings.   At the end of each "Day", we see corrupted flashes of KH1 and the scene of Xemnas walking through Sora.  This left many US players very confused because it was NOT in the KH1 game they played. 

Okay, so why am I going through this?

Square Enix has announced they are releasing FFX and X-2 in HD.  Some screen shots were released yesterday.

but Famitsu has reported that the status of Final Fantasy's X-2 International/Final Mix post epilogue "Last Mission"  might not be in the game proper.  This mission serves to tie up the lives of the Spira cast and have a conclusive end to the game.  It was only available to the Japanese players. 

Square, you better fix this problem.  It's getting really frustrating. 

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