Thursday, May 2, 2013

New ways to fight Piracy!

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Video game piracy has been around forever.  The ways to fight it have varied from codes put into the manuals, to always on DRM to GOG's giving lots of goodies for buying it without DRM, to Spore practically putting a virus on your computer.

HOWEVER! Two companies have come out with a really brilliant way to fight it.

Rocksteady is the developer for Batman: Arkham Asylum.  They released the pirated version of the game themselves... and disabled the ability to fly in the game.  If people wanted to play it, they had to buy it.

Which leads to the most recent attempt at staunching piracy, and does it really well. Kotaku has an article on it.  Basically, if you download the pirated version (Which they released), you start getting pirated in game.  You lose a lot of your profits, and it becomes impossible to move forward.

I think this works even better than Arkham.  Because, rather than just frustrating you over your piracy, it actually shows the problems with doing it.  

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