Friday, May 17, 2013

So, who exactly might or might not be in Scribblenauts unmasked?

Scribblenauts boasts the ability to summon practically anything (Non copywrited or offensive) to the screen. Scribblenauts Unmasked puts that in the DC universe.

Specifically, the New 52 Universe.

20 to 21 months ago( Thank you, comics numbering), DC rebooted their entire universe so Superheroes have only appeared in the last five years.  As a result, all other continuity is pretty much void and not everyone has been happy with some of the changes.  (Something similar happened to the 80's in "Crisis on Infinite Earths"  That was intended to clean up both the DC multiverse and it's backstory.  In return, it killed off several characters such as Supergirl and Barry Allen's Flash.)

Some changes to the "New  52 Universe"  Were not received well by fans.  Examples include:
  • Lois Lane has a completely different personality, motivated more by money than by truth
  • As a result, Lois and Clark are NOT together
  • Clark's dating Wonder Woman
  • Who now needs to rely on men more often
  • and the Amazons were stripped of being noble and peaceful warriors.  Instead they are now murderers and rapists.  
  • Tim Drake is no longer a robin, he skipped to Red Robin
  • Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain are banished from Continuity
  • As is Donna Troy and Wally West
  • Mister Freeze is a stalker story, instead of a tragic story of star crossed lovers
  • Barry Allen is again the Flash
  • Most of the heroes are more selfish, arrogant, and glory hounds.  (Including Superman and CAPTAIN MARVEL/SHAZAM who's literally a ten year old kid in a super powered man's body)
  • Amanda Waller is no longer a "Wall" And is not full of piss and vinegar
  • Starfire losing being her cheerful self and seems to exist mostly to pose for the reader
  •  Barbara Gordon, who in the Pre 52 universe abandoned being Batgirl and instead became Oracle when Joker shot her which paralyzed her from the waist done, got her leg movement back and went back to being Batgirl. 
  • Static was a mess
  • Helena Bertinelli was killed off screen before she appeared.   Her ID is used by the alternate universe Helena Wayne (Batman/Catwoman's daughter.  She's well liked and pre reboot, but so was Bertinelli)
  • La Dama, a Blue Beetle villain, lost her subltely and conflicted nature to become a straight up villain
  • In addition, Blue Beetle/Jaime's best friend, Paco, turned to a villain and Brenda (part 3 of the Pre New 52 Trio) turned into an object they both lusted after, rather than a dynamic person
  • Instead of Jaime's family being his secret keeper (with Peacemaker as his mentor.)  Jaime only has his grandma, a minor character pre reboot.  
I could go on and on, but over all, the universe is darker, the characters are selfish, and every form of family is pretty much banished.

That being said, there are some good things.  Starling was introduced.  (Actually, that may be it.  I don't know.)

So, what does this have to do with Scribblenauts?

They claim to have either 2000 characters, or all of the DC universe.  (The trailer DOES have Metal Woman and that's... well it's obscure.)  but which DC universe?  Or is it all of them?  Despite DC considering Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain "Toxic" and forbidding all of their writers (including Grant Morrison and Gail Simone whom DC adores) from using them, will they show up?  There's a few different Wonder Girls, will Donna appear?  Which version of Amanda Waller?  What about Starling?

The trailer shows Barbara Batgirl, and the robins are lacking Tim Drake. Superman is lacking his iconic red underwear.  Wonder Woman uses silver accents instead of gold.  

There's 200 characters, it WILL be continuity porn.

But which continuity? 

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