Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Rumor! Final Fantasy XV


Do you remember the Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer? Noctis teleporting to kill guards on the side of a building, the discussion of a political revolution, The guy from Jurassic Park driving a car... (Seriously, didn't he look like Jeff Goldblum to anyone else?) That was the first one, the second one gave a bit more detail, but it was unfinished and disjointed.  The characters would flip in between being voiced and not, some things seemed a little unfinished,  and the in game sections (while looking amazing) were slightly odd.

  And while Versus generated more buzz than the other to XIII titles (Final Fantasy XIII itself and Final Fantasy Agito XIII - later renamed Final Fantasy type 0) but the thematic elements always felt a bit off from the other games.  There were no mention of Fal'cie in the trailer, the world looked dramatically different from either of the two other games,  even the crystals mentioned in the backstory worked differently from the crystals used in Final Fantasy XIII. (though they might have been more similar to the Type 0 crystals)  Either way, it looked amazing

After 2011, there was nothing.  No information about story or programming, Noctis didn't show up in any Final Fantasy events.  No other trailers were released.  Information just stopped.  Until now.

A rumor is starting to leak out today. The reason why we haven't heard anything is because there is no Final Fantasy Versus XIII anymore.

It's now Final Fantasy XV, and it's going to be on the PS4.  In addition, Sony itself is going to help out.  It sounds like they will mostly help out in the art assets, but that is still a big help.  Right now, it's all unsubstantiated, even if Gamestop may have leaked it coming out this year, as Versus XIII.

So, has Versus XIII been saved?  Or was it always on track and they just wanted to finish KH 3D before they put their effort back onto Versus?   What do you think?

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  1. Weren't separate teams working on KH3D and Versus XIII? That's supposedly why Kingdom Hearts III isn't out yet, because the team that worked on the first two console games was working on XIII, and another team developed BBS, Coded, 3D, and 1.5. I'm really hoping Nomura just hands the reigns over to that team for KH3, because this delay has gone on long enough and they did a great job with the other games.

    Anyways...oh boy, I really hope Versus XIII does not become a PS4-exclusive game, because I have been wanting to play that game for a long time and I have no plans to buy a PS4 at the moment. If it does turn out that way, I'll be really disappointed. I don't mind if it becomes Final Fantasy XV as long as it finally gets released.