Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Deleted Content: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Digging into the code and connecting some dots has revealed a few things about Ocarina of Time.

Such as, there may have been 3 more dungeons.

Looking into the code of Legend of Zelda, the forest medallion and the water medallion are listed as "Wind Medallion" and "Ice Medallion" respectively.  In addition, the ice in the Zora's domain was never properly cleaned up, there is an odd ice mini dungeon in the game, and the respective mini dungeons in Ganon's Castle are wind and ice themed.

Okay, that's two dungeons.  What's the third?

The third is a light temple.  You see, the Spirit Temple has light based puzzles, but the light symbol, light arrows, windows, and the "Prelude of Light" all link back to the Temple of Time.
Connecting the dots, it appears that a "Temple of Light" Did indeed get partially programmed and themed but for some reason was scrapped.  As a result, and to gain the light arrows, the assets were split between the spirit temple (to provide extra puzzles and the mirror shield in addition to the gloves)  and the Temple of Time (To meet Zelda on an important ground and to gain the Light Arrows.)

The dungeons were not re added in Ocarina of Time: 3D.  But, how do you think the game would have gone if the dungeons/temples were kept in the game?


  1. Now that you mention it, I remember wondering why that ice cave "dungeon" was so small. I think the game works fine in the end without those dungeons because that would have meant that Link would need to form some kind of bond with three extra characters that would end up being the guardians of those medallions. It would've been really cool to explore a Light Dungeon in the Temple of Time though!

    So, where was the Wind Dungeon supposed to be located? Any ideas?

    1. I don't know. The Wind Temple and other wind things popped up often in the Wind Waker and in there the Kokiri (who guarded the forest temple) now guard the wind temple so it may have been in the Kokiri forest instead of the forest temple. But we shall never really know.

      I wish we got the light temple though! It would have been fun! Though, come to think of it, Twilight Princess has a temple hidden in the remains of the Temple of Time. Maybe it was supposed to be there? (shrug)

      Still, something interesting to think about.