Wednesday, March 13, 2013

AA5 spoilers: Apollo Justice

Well, Apollo has been injured and he may be our new prosecutor.  Traditionally, the silhouette at the end of the Ace Attorney teaser trailer is the new Prosecutor.
 And, right now, that silhouette is matching Apollo's sprite. 

Now, people in AA changing professions isn't unheard of.  Miles has doubled as defense in a pinch, Godot started as defense before becoming a prosecutor, etc.  But the bandages are particularly interesting.

Apollo doesn't have a magatma in order to see the truth, instead he can see the little twitches people do when they're lying.  Something happened recently, something that took away the use of one of his eyes (at least temporarily) Something that may keep him from perceiving.

In addition, prosecutors are traditionally (In AA) very bitter people. What could cause Apollo to become a prosecutor?

I hope they didn't fridge Trucy... 

In any rate, Apollo is confirmed and something tells me he will be VERY important.

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