Monday, January 21, 2013

Musical Monday; Kingdom Hearts "Night on Bald Mountain"

There's been a lot cut out of Kingdom Hearts.  This guy is in fact a minor miracle. 

The first game was originally going to end with Chernabog (as either THE darkness or a personification of the Darkness)  attacking Sora.  Sora would fight his way up Bald Mountain and then the light from Kingdom Hearts would vanquish Chernabog like how the sun/God defeated him in Fantasia.

Lack of time, memory, and system power kind of squashed that idea.  Which is a pity, it sounds AMAZING.  However, they HAD finished the Chernabog model so it got thrown in as a boss fight in the last world.  But, you just flew around and attacked.  It was still cool, primarily because of this:
(Better quality on the KH3D soundtrack)

They played Chernabog's song. 

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