Friday, January 18, 2013

Play Station All Stars Character notice

   I'm still very surprised at the list of PS All Stars Battle Royale characters.  Cole, Sly, Ratchet, Nathan Drake, Jak, etc.  Those were no brainers.  Raiden making it in over Snake was interesting but understandable.  He has a game coming out. Big Daddy is a very happy pick.  I adore Bioshock and he is the best option.

Except for Evil Cole (another character could have taken his spot)  and a lack of female and PoC characters, the line up is pretty good.

So, why are some series lacking?

Lighting (and Final Fantasy) Have a few new games out, but so far we haven't seen Lightning, Tidus, or Cloud anywhere in the game.   Cloud is their symbol, Final Fantasy X is being remade, and Lightning has FFXIII-3 coming up.

No one from Silent Hill or Resident Evil made it in.  While the games are cross system, they debuted on the Play Station.  Jill, Leon, Wesker... all would have been interesting concepts.  Admitedly, all three also fought in Marvel Vs Capcom 3, but I don't know how much effect that would have had on the game now.  And Pyramid Head from Silent Hill is always open.  He might have been too similar to a Big Daddy though.

Atlus has it's own fighting game, but the Personas didn't make an appearance either.  Neither did a stage from Catherine. 

J'eanne D'Arc, Rayman, Street Fighter, Sonic, Tekken, WildARMS.... 

These are all Play Station branded games that would get some play.  Why aren't we seeing them in the game?

At least we have DLC.  Best of luck to Emmet and Kat.

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