Thursday, April 26, 2012

Deleted Content- Mewtwo (Super Smash Brother Brawl)

I've stated before Mewtwo is my favorite character.  Mewtwo was also in Super Smash Brother Melee.  Since I have never played Melee, I usually main Lucario in Brawl despite being better at Samus.

But Mewtwo was almost in Brawl.

After the game was released, hackers started going through the code.  In it they found a few very interesting things.  Mewtwo had some sound files and a winning screen.  Well, that wouldn't be unusual, they could have imported it for some reason during development.

But Mewtwo also had a Final Smash yell.  Proof that he had actually had some programming done before he was cut from the playlist.

(The model appears to be a reskinned Lucario, ignore that.  The second voice clip is from Mewtwo) 

He doesn't have a model (that I can find. The Smash wiki states he does have a working model but I can't find a video of it) , so the trophy model is from another game (I can't find the title at the moment, but it was something like Pokemon Colosseum) but it is interesting to see how much they actually got done.

Maybe he can come back in a future release... if his stats got tweaked.  From what I understand, he didn't live up to his legendary status at all.

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