Thursday, April 19, 2012

100 posts!

I was trying to figure out what to analyze, but then I realized that today was my 100 post!  Wow... I know I may be slow right now, but I do really enjoy this blog.  I just get busy and forget to do it. 

So, in honor of the 100th post, I will

I'll come up with something good tomorrow since I have some duties I need to do today.  Again.

I'm going to talk about why I love video games.

My earliest memory of them consists of me in the basement with one of my mom's cousins.  He has a Sonic game on. The next memory I have is of my entire block gathered around a TV in our basement.  We were playing Banjo Tooie.  We just sat around and talked to eachother.  One one person got stuck, he passed it to the next person.

This is what gaming is for me.  It's playing with family and friends around. It's talking about all sorts of things (gaming related or not)  it's theorizing with your brother only to find out your perfect theory was wrong.

It may include shipping, fangirl/boying, and yelling in rage when you don't have the money. But, most of all, it is fun.


  1. Nice, I like this post and your personal experience and insight that you shared.

  2. Congratulations on 100 posts!!! :D

    That's something I really miss about gaming: gathering around the Nintendo 64 with my friends/neighbors and playing together/watching and cheering on the ones who had the controllers at the moment. Online multiplayer can be fun, but not AS fun, IMO.

    1. I know! I miss offline co op and games that you can just pick up and play. WRPG's like Skyrim can be fun for people, but you can't share the game because someone can mess up your progress. Why can't we just share the games?