Monday, March 26, 2012

Musical Monday -Main Theme (Beyond the Labrynth)

This Konami game has not been released in the west, but it looks rather interesting.  It involves taking a girl through a labrynth, but she can somehow interact with the player... that is you.  Not much is known right now, but it was released in Japan in January. I hope it does cove over, it looks interesting.


  1. Umm, this kinda scares me. She talks to me...too familiar like! Aesthetically, it looks good though.

  2. Oh yeah, kinda reminds me of how "Eternal Sonata" looked. Oh, I did not have a good experience with that game... no. I finished it because I got so far but I have to say, I was pretty underwhelmed by the whole thing.

    1. I've been hearing some things like that for this game. It's frustrating. I want to give it a try but I heard the game was meh (battle issues mostly) and the girl became annoying.

      Which is a pity, it looks REALLY clever.