Thursday, March 22, 2012

Theatrhythm confirmed for the west.

Final Fantasy is well known and respected for it's music.
Dissidia is a fighting game using the Final Fantasy heroes and villians

Earlier this month, Square Enix combined the two in a game called "Theatrhythm Final Fantasy"

And today it was announced to come to the west.

I'm really  excited.  I LOVE video game music, especially the Final Fantasy music.  After Elite Beat Agents, I'll give rhythm games a shot.  And LOCKE is in it.  VI and VII are my favorite FF's (I'm going to try to play all of them.)  Cyan is my favorite, but SE FINALLY gives VI some love.  (It and IX were the only non NES games kept from gaining extra characters.  VI has the largest cast in FF history.  They couldn't pick ONE person to add?  Especially weird since Locke was almost put in the original Dissidia instead of Terra.  But then they realized Cosmos needed some more girls  non sword users.)  Anyway, this is good news.  SE decided to localize, and it's the MUSIC.

Time to brush up on your latin!


  1. I'm super excited too!!!!!!!!!!!

    FF's got some of the best music as you've noted. I had the good fortune of seeing the "Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds" concert last year. There were two nights in NY but I only could afford one night. The night I went, Nobuo Uematsu was in attendance and joined the choir for "One Winged Angel" which was super cute.

    They played a lot of songs from FFVIII (while my least liked of FFs, it actually has a pretty great soundtrack), a couple from FFVII and just ONE from FFVI (sadly, not Dancing Mad). I was really sad though that the second night of the concert had a lot of FFIX's soundtrack and I was not able to attend.

    I'm looking forward to this but with this and KH: Dream Drop Distance, they are really forcing you to get the 3DS a lot sooner, huh?

    1. YOU SAW DISTANT WORLDS????? You have no idea how jealous I am. I REALLY want to see it. And that is cute. ^_^

      What was the one from VI? Searching for Friends? I need to brush up on FF music from ones I haven't played. Also: III has a good soundtrack.

      Eh, I'm broke. It doesn't matter to me. Plus, I'm waiting for the 3DS upgrade.

    2. Awwww. Don't be jelly! I hope you get the chance to go. You never know!

      It was "Terra's Theme" from FFVI that was played. The entire scene for the video reel was the Magitecks walking across the snow as the credits rolled for the end of the concert. It was pretty special. - you can read my review there if you'd like!

      I'm hoping the Zelda Symphonic comes to NYC so I can go to that one this year but so far, no luck.

      Well the good thing about waiting is that there'll hopefully be a very nice sizable game library of 3DS games (hopefully cheaper too on some) for you to get when you're ready to buy a 3DS.

    3. We'll see. Right now, the known showings are far away from me.

      Oh, that opening is AMAZING. I really love it. I used it on my blog a while a go for... something. I forget what.

      I'll read it a bit later. Lent and all.

      Oh, best of luck! I bet that one will be amazing too. Final Fantasy has the BEST music, but Zelda is no slouch in that department.

      Like Beyond the Labrynth, KH3D, AA vs Layton, other Layton. AA5, Theathrhythm....

    4. Thanks! I hope the concert comes later this year and that if it does, I can get tickets. I suspect it will sell out fairly quickly.

      Yeah! I do recall your using the opening at some point! I'll go back and check.

      What's this "Beyond the Labrynth" you speak of?! I see you posted a video - let me go read/look at that and then research this game.

      Oh, by the way - I found a DS copy of Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations for fairly cheap last night on Amazon. I believe I told you before but I only just played the first installment last year and have not played any of the others. I think they're supposed to make their way to iOS at some point but since I refuse to buy Apple products for the most part, I would have much preferred to buy it for the DS. $31 new! Down from the crazy $80+ I saw it at.

      Now I just have to hope the second part goes on super sale...(that one new is currently at $109) or suck it up and get it on the wiiware. I can do that right?

    5. I can't wait until they announce the dates. It will SO be on my birthday list... if it's near by.

      I wonder what I used it on....

      I hope it gets brought over. It looks interesting...

      GO! GET IT! And, yes, all of them are on Wiiware. I think the ports are slightly substandard to the DS versions, but that has more to do with spriting then anything else.. and better animation then the HD Apple ones. Most of those don't have blinking and some other animations and sprites just don't work!

    6. When's your birthday?

      Bah! I'd like to keep waiting for a DS version because I AM STUBBORN! Actually, now that I have two on DS, I feel as though I should not break up the family... yeah, no. Stubborn. I've got a billion games to play so it's not as though I'm rushing to get anything anytime soon. At least Wiiware will be waiting for me.

      I should play them in sequence though, huh? As in, I shouldn't play Trials and Tribulations before I get the second one?

      In other DS related news, today I got Reggie from Nintendo of American on my 3DS via spotpass! It was cool and he sparkles. Everyone got him as a special 1 year Anniversary thing or at least they should have. It was very cute of Nintendo to do. Think I'll go write an anniversary post.

      Now to meet Miyamoto again to snag his Mii via Streetpass... it'll happen one day!

    7. Eep! *Nintendo of America

      Typo. Sorry.

    8. Sorry, not saying.

      WiiWare will wait, if you can't find/afford them on cartridge. But Ace Attorney games are fantastic. I'm so glad that Capcom brought them over.

      Correct! It's not horrible, but Trials and Tribulations gives one heck of an emotional pay off. It'll be there if you didn't play the second, but it won't be as strong.

      Dang, I wish I had a 3DS....

      I'm sure it will! Perhaps if you go to E3?