Monday, May 21, 2012

Musical Monday - Cherry Tree Bridge (Etrian Odyssey II) (And E3 musings)

Etrian Odyssey is a 3D dungeon crawler created by Atlus. 

While you listen, I just want to muse a bit about E3, or rather the prerelease. 

E3 is in a few weeks.  Every company is gearing up for the show.  Some companies, such as Nintendo and Playstation, are going to have halls full of people.  So, why are they announcing their products ahead of time?

One of the earliest official release of items was the Kingdom Hearts 3D English Trailer.  With E3 only a short time away, people believed the trailer would be hid until then.  However, the trailer was released last week. 

Official website and trailer here

PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale was announced before that, but that should have been held off until E3.  It's a big deal.  We still don't have a trailer for it.  We have a partial characters list, we have video of battles, we have a rundown of how the released characters fight.... but we don't have a trailer.

Why didn't Sony wait until E3?  Why didn't Square Enix wait for the KH3D trailer? 

The KH3D trailer is 10 minutes long (No, I'm not kidding)  so Square Enix may have released it early for that reason, but Nintendo could have shown it off at E3.  Kingdom Hearts is a big property and the 3DS is still looking for games.    And the time would be more manageable if they cut out the battle stuff in the middle. 

But Sony has no excuse.  The game is big.  The game is a fanboy/girl's dream.  Why not wait until E3 to surprise everyone?  Where they afraid of being scooped? Is it not good?

Or do they have something bigger planned? Sony is announcing 20 games at E3, what are they? Where they afraid the game would get lost in the shuffle?

I'm just not sure.  Why do you think they released it early?


  1. Maybe KH3D is terrible! Or would get 'lost' in the shuffle. Hardly. But it's already coming out in the relatively soon right? In my mind, it has already been bought. Ha. Did you see the special edition bundle? Wondering if I should get that but there are sooooo many games I want coming out this year...::cry::

  2. That music is very pretty!

    Well, like you said, the Battle Royale game still doesn't have a trailer, so maybe they released the information early to get everyone pumped and excited, and THEN they'll show the trailer at E3. It creates some more preliminary buzz for the game.

    As for Kingdom Hearts 3D...I have no idea. E3 would've been the perfect time to debut the trailer, though I'm not complaining about them releasing it early! My guess is that they've either got something else to announce about the game, like a different trailer or a new KH game, or Square never planned for KH to have a big presence at E3, since it's already been released in Japan and this is just localization.